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Ants are among the most problematic and common pest control problems for homes and businesses in Arizona. Ants live in colonies and constantly breed, so a small number of ants can quickly grow into a big problem. Three Suns Pest Control offers effective pest control solutions for ants in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, and surrounding areas. 

Ant Control for All Common Species 

There are many types of ants that cause problems in homes and commercial properties. Each type of ant is unique and has its own requirements for effective pest control. We offer comprehensive ant control treatments for all the most common ants in Queen Creek. 

Common ant species in our area include: 

  • Carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Fire ants
  • Crazy ants
  • Pharoah ants
  • Leaf cutter ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Rover ants

Most ant infestations happen because the insects are in search of food. It is important to get on top of the problem as soon as you notice ants in the house before it grows into an even larger infestation that is more difficult to manage. 

Professional Ant Treatment in Queen Creek Arizona

Because ants are always foraging for food, effective treatment for ants in Queen Creek starts with eliminating and blocking access from their food sources. The next step is to determine where the colony is located, which can be done by inspecting the areas where there is the most activity and following that trail back to the colony entrance. 

We use effective baits and non-repellent products to eliminate the ants you see and those you don’t. The ants will carry the products back to the colony to share with the other ants. This helps to get rid of the whole colony, including the queen. It may take more than one treatment to eliminate large colonies. 

If you are having trouble with ants, call (480) 418-8330 for reliable ant control solutions. 

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Keeping Ants Away 

In addition to providing treatment for ants, we are happy to advise you about how to prevent future ant infestations. There are things you can do inside the house and outdoors to prevent access to your home and the food sources that attract the pests in the first place. 

Follow these tips to keep ants away: 

  • Remove food sources
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers
  • Clean up spills right away
  • Seal cracks and crevices
  • Trim landscaping and plants and keep them at least 6 inches away from the house
  • Use vent screens on attic vents and other vents

Our pest control services are always customized to the unique requirements of each property that we service. We start with an inspection of your home to identify the type of ants inside your home and the location of the colony. We can recommend the best treatment methods and provide a free estimate for your ant control service. 

Please contact us by telephone at (480) 418-8330 to request ant control service


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  • “Three Suns did such a thorough job of pest services at our home!! He took his time and explained each step to me. I love that it’s safe for my dog and my children. I’m so glad I found this company- they do an excellent job!!”

    Alissa S.
  • “The week we brought home our newborn we found 3 scorpions. We called Dallin and he was over the very next morning. Couldn’t recommend him more. He is very knowledgeable and his prices can’t be beat. Wish I could give 6 stars!!”

    Tana C.
  • “Dallin was amazing explained everything he was doing as he went along He was very knowledgeable very professional and super friendly Three suns pest Control has gained me as a customer for life!”

    Frank R.
  • “Three Suns Pest Control does a thorough job. I saw lots of dead spiders and crickets after our first service. I love having peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about scorpions since we are in Arizona. I am so happy I found them!”

    Jancy L.
  • “Dallin is genuinely a good honest guy. He takes pride in and stands behind his work. He really knows the climate here and what is needed for your property. We highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a trustworthy honest pest control company.”

    Carole S.

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