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The fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia, is a real problem for many people, and spider infestations are a common issue throughout the East Valley. If spiders have moved in, call the pros at Three Suns Pest Control. We offer pest control services for all types of pests, including spiders in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, and surrounding areas. 

Causes of Spider Infestations 

We have many types of spiders in Arizona. Many, like the wolf spider, don’t cause serious harm to humans. The black widow however, is a venomous spider that can make people extremely sick and can be deadly for small children. There are several causes of spider infestations. They often get carried into the house on plants or produce, but spiders can also get in through small cracks around windows, doors, and plumbing pipes. 

Spiders are often attracted by: 

  • Moisture
  • Other insects
  • Bushes near the house
  • Piles of wood or rocks in the yard

Regardless of how spiders gain access to your property, finding spiders in the house is unsettling, especially for people with a fear of them. Ignoring a spider problem isn’t helpful because they will continue breeding and the infestation will only get worse. It is best to deal with a spider right away to avoid a bigger problem. 

Effective Queen Creek Spider Control 

At Three Suns Pest Control, we offer effective treatment for spiders in Queen Creek. We use a multi-step approach to get rid of spiders and keep them from coming back. Safe and effective products are applied to the corners, foundation, base of plants, and other areas close to the home where spiders are commonly found. 

We knock down any visible webs that are found in or around your home, including the eaves, patio, and surrounding areas. In order to get rid of and prevent future spider issues, we will perform routine servicing around your property, typically every other month. We can provide the right level of service and treatments to rid your home of spiders and any other pests that may be attracting them. 

Contact us by telephone at (480) 418-8330 for effective spider control in Queen Creek. 

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Avoiding Future Spider Infestations 

Preventing infestations is important when dealing with spiders in Queen Creek. Knocking down their webs can help discourage spiders from getting comfortable in or around your home. It is important to check for new webs and take them down to stop future infestations. When we come to your home for spider control, we can advise you about how to make your home less attractive to spiders. 

If you want to prevent future spider problems, you can: 

  • Seal up any cracks in the house where spiders are getting inside
  • Check the yard for wood piles and other clutter where spiders may hide
  • Treat other pest problems, since they feed on insects
  • Reduce outdoor lighting at night, as it can draw in spiders

We offer reliable spider control services at reasonable prices. You can feel confident in our ability to identify your pest problem and work with you to find the most effective and lasting solution to your spider problem. 

When you need help with a spider infestation, call (480) 418-8330 for a free estimate for spider control

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  • “Three Suns did such a thorough job of pest services at our home!! He took his time and explained each step to me. I love that it’s safe for my dog and my children. I’m so glad I found this company- they do an excellent job!!”

    Alissa S.
  • “The week we brought home our newborn we found 3 scorpions. We called Dallin and he was over the very next morning. Couldn’t recommend him more. He is very knowledgeable and his prices can’t be beat. Wish I could give 6 stars!!”

    Tana C.
  • “Dallin was amazing explained everything he was doing as he went along He was very knowledgeable very professional and super friendly Three suns pest Control has gained me as a customer for life!”

    Frank R.
  • “Three Suns Pest Control does a thorough job. I saw lots of dead spiders and crickets after our first service. I love having peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about scorpions since we are in Arizona. I am so happy I found them!”

    Jancy L.
  • “Dallin is genuinely a good honest guy. He takes pride in and stands behind his work. He really knows the climate here and what is needed for your property. We highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a trustworthy honest pest control company.”

    Carole S.

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